Unit 66/67 Creating a 3D modelling

Unit 66/67 Creating a 3D modelling

For this assessment I had to make a 3D model of the enemies that will be in our game.

The methods that I used to create my 3D model was use two different images of a male figure from the front and the left side and used image planes and placed at far different ends of the grid then I placed cubes using the cube tool and I add subdivisions for the cubes so that I could have an easier time fitting the model to the picture that was used, to alter the cube by extending the model by pulling the Vertexes by using the move tool I also used wire-frame mode so I can see through the model so it is easier to make the model to point of the picture.

I started by making the leg and after I finished it I used duplicate special to flip the leg so I had two of them I also did this for the arms. The reason I did it is because it would have wasted time if I made the exact same model again instead of just duplicating it.

After I finished the model I used the 3 key yo smooth out every shape that was made. The reason I did this was to make the model have a better finish added to it.

I textured all of the model by assigning them different materials, I assigned the shoes the Blinn Material and to the rest of the model I assigned Lambert Material. I made the shoes black, the torso, arms and legs purple, the waist brown, the wrists and neck cream, the hands and face white.

What I like about my model is. What I don't like about my model is the fact there is no detail added to the model which makes the model look bland.

What I have learnt from my model is how to uses Maya better as this is the first time I have used Maya to make something more complex, I have also learnt how to texture models and how to make a proper human anatomy. I could have improved on my model by making more features like eyes and noses on the face and making more detailed clothing.

James Bentley: Well made model, looks nice and has a good colour scheme. Could be a bit smoother.
Kori Chamberlain: Good human template with good colours, if I had to add or edit something I would recommend adding in textures rather than solid colours and adding in more polygons where needed.


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